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really roderich what the fuck

Austria: *whimpers* I’m not really apt for these outdoor things… What would you do if my skin burned? To look out over the ocean while being indoors is what I’d cherish the most. Really, how did it turn into something like this? There’s neither a piano or a violin… What’s more, there isn’t even a cup of coffee!
Italy: Mr. Austria, the crab is so cute!
Austria: Wahh! You dolt! T-take it away! Germany! Germany!!
Germany: Ugh… Look, I’ve taken it away. Honestly… don’t be scared about something like a crab.
Italy: It’s cute isn’t it? The crab.
Germany: I can’t understand that kind of feeling.
Austria: Geh… Do you understand it, Italy? Crabs are forbidden from now on. Alright?!
Italy: Then, here is a starfish!
Austria: Ahh! Stop it! *runs away screaming*

Drama CD Vol 1

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